Networking through #SocialMedia

– #14 –

What’s all the “buzz” about social media? Isn’t all of this just a fad?

We are all connected through some form of social media. Some of us are “LinkedIn,” many of us tweet, and nearly all of us are on Facebook. Why does that matter to anyone professionally? Networking.

According to a study conducted by, 89% of companies will use social media networks for recruiting in 2011. Being connected and actively engaging in the virtual networking realm will greatly enhance your visibility to potential employers.

As a pre-professional student, it’s important to understand how you can, and should, market yourself and how to utilize each site as a way to connect with professionals. There are myriad social platforms, including LinkedInGoogle+TwitterFoursquareWordPress & Blogger.

The point isn’t necessarily to jump head first into every social entity available. If fact, doing so could cause you to get lost in the clutter and miss the point of engaging in the networks. Find the ones that meet your respective needs and build your brand through them. When people visit your pages they should be able to clearly identify that it is indeed your page. They should also be able to have a unifying experience, so to speak. Meaning that they feel connected though each of your networking sources because they have a similar feel.

What social networking sites do you most enjoy? How do you use them to connect with your audience?