Changing The Goal Posts Of Life [VIDEO]

Every now and then I run across things that significantly influence my life for the better. This talk given by Shawn Achor at TEDxBloomington (2011) is one of those.

Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Florida Debate Or A GOP Comedy Sketch? [VIDEO]

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The Florida GOP Debate seemed more of a stand-up routine than a serious electoral debate. It was like a school boys fighting on the playground: Gingrich and Romney were at each others throats, while Ron Paul made sarcastic comments throughout and Santorum was mad that no one was taking the debate “seriously.”

One of my friends on recently posted on his Facebook wall a great summary of the debate:

“Gingrich wants the illegal Mexican grandmothers to stay for wife #4, Mitt is extremely rich, Gingrich thinkss Ron Paul iss in great shape, Mitt is half Mexican and pro-immigration, Ron Paul is Romney’s right hand man, Gingrich agreed that he lied about balancing the budget in congress for 4 years straight, Romney doesn’t know what messages he approves, Gingrich wants to built a colony on the moon, and Santorum…. Cricket sound cricket sound. That’s all folks!”
-Chris Gilbert

For a five minute highlight reel of the comedy show… er, debate, follow this link:
Florida GOP Debate