My Business Card

Hey All,

This is my first run at creating a new business card. I’d love your feedback on this design.



Thinking about designing your own business card? Check out these for some more inspiration:

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Re-imaging Your Brand

“Why did you change it again?”, “It liked how it was before!”, “It was fine.” It may have been “fine” before, but that’s exactly what I appreciate about innovation; you can something that was fine before and make it better. Better than what? Better for what? Everything has an agenda, a particular image to portray. If you or what represents you doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job well it may be time to find something that will do it more appropriately.

Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied with the visual representation of this site. I felt uneasy about something. It may not have seemed like a big deal to many, but to me is was a beam in the eye aesthetics. The background was outrageous and distracting. It drew attention, but not to the proper things. Backgrounds are supposed to add by bringing the audience’s focus to the intended object of attention, the article or posting.

A recent discussion with Marcie, a valued peer, and a story about Steve Job’s attention to detail brought to my attention the need to be OK with innovation, even if (and especially if) that means forward movement means reevaluating/ redesigning/ restructuring.

Here’s a walkthrough of my “rebranding” thus far:

v1.0My first attempt at creating my “brand.”
v2.0A temporary design to hold the fort while I created a “true brand.”
My first attempt at my new “brand.” Not terrible, but it never felt good.
v2.2Where we are today. A much cleaner, less distracting site. My current “brand” image. I like it; always open to scrutiny, however.

With all of that being shared, I’m interested to know your take on this topic. How do you define your brand? Why?

21 Days To Happiness


(Photo credit: luci.mckean)

Based on a TEDx Talk by Shawn Achor (I suggest watching the entire 12 minute presentation, but this is drawn from the last portion starting around the 11 minute marker.)

Keep a simple journal for 21 consecutive days of doing the following:
  1. Write 3 things that I’m grateful for.
  2. List something positive that happened in the last 24 hours. (Each entry must be unique during the 21 day period)
  3. Exercise in some manner for at least 30 minutes a day.
  4. Meditate for 20 minutes a day focusing on positive thoughts only.
  5. Send one message a day to someone, randomly selected, thanking them for how they have positively affected my life.