Will to Sacrifice

– #15 –

I recently started a new personal tradition. I had typically always brought a moleskin journal with me to church so I can quickly write down any notes or impressions I receive. My new tradition is that, during our sacrament meeting, I write the hymns that we sing in the top right corner of the entry for that day. I started doing this because I often come across a line or two of a hymn during church meetings that really stand out to me. It also helps me to remember the general theme of the meeting.

Today we sang God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son. The way the song is composed in the hymnal, it only shows three verses. In actuality, there are five verses. And today, I read through them all after we finished singing the three verses included in the composition of the music.

I love the words of the fourth verse. It speaks of our Savior’s perfect nature. In the which, He allowed His will to be swallowed up in that of the Father’s:

In word and deed he doth require
My will to his, like son to sire,
Be made to bend, and I, as son,
Learn conduct from the Holy One.

For whatever reason, these verses in hymns or passages of scripture often incite deep and contemplative thought for me. It makes me what to be come a better person. I feel motivated to give up my pride and desires for the vain things of the world and allow my trust to be completely in my Heavenly Father. I want this, but sometimes lack the understand of how to do it.

How do we sacrifice our pride for a better thing which we cannot yet see?