10 Steps To Take Now For Crisis Readiness

In the past few weeks, I have overheard discussion among students at BYU-Idaho about what public relations really does. One student tried to summarize the numberless “job descriptions” of a PR practitioner in two words: crisis management,

Though I do agree that professionals working with the image of companies and/or individuals have a lot of clean up in their responsibilities, I do not believe that they can be described by that oversimplified definition. However, crisis management is an important component of what public relations teams will inevitably encounter at some point during their careers.

One of the best ways to deal with crisis is to prepare for them before they come. PRSA recently identified the following 10 steps to take now for crisis readiness:

  1. Identify potential crises.
  2. Analyze your company’s state of readiness.
  3. Check the crisis readiness of your “bull’s-eye” team.
  4. Research your company’s record.
  5. Build the image of key leaders.
  6. Review your social media status.
  7. Examine and strengthen key relationships.
  8. Schedule media training sessions.
  9. Stage crisis readiness simulations.
  10. Update or create a crisis response plan, and name an ongoing crisis team.

Prepare now by taking these steps and be ready for the undesired fate that will eventually befall us all at some point in our line of work.

Read PRSA’s full article to gain further insight into each step.