Which Will You Use? [Infographic]

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I think it’s safe to say that with the rise of social media platforms one of the biggest questions on every corporation’s mind is how they should use social media which platform will they use?

According to Howmanyarethere?, notable social media platforms number beyond 200 websites. With such option and variety, how will companies be able to decipher which of these myriad networking sites will best suit their needs?

Whether an industry is better suited for the resources offered by Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or some other site is a question for a company’s communication team to wrestle with.

This infographic provided by mediabistro.com might serve you well if you find yourself on that communication team:

Power To The #Tweeters

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If we have been living in the digital age, then the last few years must be subtitled as the time of social media.

We are experiencing an era where consumers are gaining control over companies through their interactions on social media. Even the late adopting companies have made their presence known on these sites.

Twitter has become a stomping ground for customer relations. Best Buy is a good example of how costumer needs are being met through Twitter’s free social service. The Wall Street Journal shared an experience from Best Buy’s chief executive, Brian Dunn:

“[He] tweets from his own handle, @BBYCEO. His musings range from sports topics to support for veterans. Sometimes customers use his account for complaints.

“A customer recently tweeted Mr. Dunn to complain about the customer service at Store #310. He replied the same day with his personal email address and a request that the tweeter send him contact information. ‘We will be in touch. I want us to make it better,’ he tweeted.”

Go back not even ten years ago and imagine how you would handle a complaint with a company. Would you walk into the nearest store and demand that you speak with the CEO? Never!

Now, that is not only possible through certain online social and networking websites, but it is becoming the norm to report your grievance openly to these organizations and their leaders.

Have you had a personal interaction with a corporation through social media to help resolve a concern or express your opinion (positive or negative) about their products/ operations?