Getting More Out Of Education

Everyone can study through any sort of text and learn the principles it is trying to teach. But how many of us can read through a text book just once and then go out and apply in real life what we’ve attempted to learn? I’d argue that you’d be hard pressed to find people who are that good at translating textbook materials into real life practices without serious direction.

What if you were given that focus before you began reading? What implication does that make? My thought is that you’d gain a more practical application to the material you’re attempting to learn. You’ll find greater depth of understanding through creating immediate application with the material as you read.

Free eBook | Four Steps to Creating Content for a Social Media Community

An example of this is when I was reading through a free eBook (Four Steps to Creating Content for a Social Media Community) offered by Radian6. The eBook gives great advice about creating and managing a longterm social media strategy for your organization. As I read, I discovered that I was more engaged in the reading as I applied what I was learning to my own social media community. The principles of each section became firmly planted in my mind.

I believe the more you allow yourself to engage in your studies, whatever they may be, you’ll find great understanding and success as you immerse yourself in immediate application.

What strategies have you learned that improve you mastery of a subject?



Learning, The Tool Of The Future

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Education, formal and informal, is essential to our lives. In fact, we can’t avoid it. Try to go through a day and not learn anything at all. You cannot not learn something; it’s impossible. So how do we make our learning meaningful?

I ran across this visual of a learning cycle that I found helpful:

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Go ahead and start anywhere on this cycle. You’ll go around and around forever. I’ve found the evaluation process is the most useful aspect of any learning cycle. This is where you get to see where you came from and where you are now, then you reset your goals.

Have you found an effective learning cycle that helps keep you sharp?

A Different Kind Of Leader

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Textbooks are expensive, clunky, and essential. So, what are students to do? E-Textbooks seem to be the leading solution to our never-ending textbook turmoil.

As the projected graph below implies, textbooks are beginning to slump in popularity against the cheaper and interactive alternative e-books.


Apple appears to agree with the trend. The Wall Street Journal published an article today titled “Apple Makes Push Into iPad Textbooks.” The report mentions that Apple’s iBook application will “support textbooks featuring quizzes, note-taking, study cards and other features, like the ability to interact with a diagram of an ant.”

What is your opinion of e-textbooks? Do you think they complement the learning process or distract from the purpose all together?