Leaders Influence, Leaders Create

– #12 –

We always have opportunities to reach those around us. Our family, our friends, our colleagues, and everyone we come in contact with throughout our days. We reach them through creating.

And what is it that we are creating for them? Experiences, art, designs, pleasure, problems; the possibilities of what we can produce are endless.

So, we all create and what we create is based on our own uniqueness, what does creating things have to do with leadership? When leaders create, people are inspired. People are influenced by their creations.

If you’re thinking, “Who is this guy to tell me that my creations don’t influence people because I’m not a ‘leader’?!” Now, I’m not seeking to impose any judgment upon your ability to influence others or that your creations aren’t of the caliber of leaders. My belief is quite the contrary.

You can create and you can inspire others; and you probably already do. Though we have distinct talents, we all have great potential to create highly influential things. It is in our makeup to do so. One thing alone sets the leaders apart from everyone else. Leaders aren’t afraid of their critiques.

There will always be fans of what you share and there will always be critics. Those critics often make us afraid or hesitant to create and share our creations. Don’t create for the critics! Create for those that want what you have to share.

Create. You will influence people.