College Football and Social Influence

Radio: On AirIn the article “Radio Sports Talk and the Fantasies of Sport,” Zagacki & Grano examine how community relations have been massively fostered around talk radio (political, sports, celebrity gossip, etc.) to foster regional pride and help them cope in times of crisis. Communities need a platform to express their emotions and reactions to current events, both the good and bad. In their article, they explore the rhetorical analysis of radio talk shows in the college football town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that exemplify the theory of increased community through focused engagement.

On the other end of the spectrum, radio has also been plagued by the glamorization of violence. Some radio stations propagate lewd and dangerous behavior as regular content on their programming. The video segment “ABC News: Hip Hop and Violence” exposed this in the music industry genre of hip hop. Unfortunately, this sort of regular discussion targets underprivileged youth who are easily hyped up by the strong illicit messaging from hip hop artists the see as role models.

Because the internet has allowed any Joe Nobody to create and “broadcast” their own messages, it will become increasingly difficult to regulate what content is being distributed. This is good and bad news. It’s good because more individuals will be able to foster that regional support communities need. They can provide a platform for people like those in Baton Rouge to uplift and encourage one another. It’s bad because the same can be done to promote negative messages that can destroy individuals and communities.