Getting on the Road to Excellence

My good friend, and coworker, hit things off very early on in our relationship. We met when I was hired by the company for whom he had already been working. The short end of the story is that as we grew together in the professional arena, we also grew as friends.

Several months ago we discussed that we wanted to eventually work together at our own company. We have seen countless examples of mediocrity in the workplace, both at the employee and ownership levels. Our aspiration is to strive to be excellent in our professional and personal lives. But we don’t want to stop there. We want to encourage and help others strive for excellence.

We wondered how we might be able to start collecting examples of excellence now while we are still young in our endeavor. Our agreement was to find a place where we could collaboratively document and share these examples.

We found such an opportunity through an emerging social media platform. Flipboard would allow us to curate a magazine where we could collaboratively collect and share inspiring articles relative to our joint venture.

We’ve just gotten a start at this, but here is a link to what we have so far: Excellence Is Not Optional. Go ahead and check it out! Your feedback is more than welcome.

What are you doing to be excellent? Share with me and I might just add your experience to our magazine!

A Secret to Success, Be Happy

A couple years ago I was at a desperately low period of life. I wanted to get out of my rut and start being better. I wanted to feel successful. As I often do, I turned to some of my regular social media outlets for uplifting and inspiring thoughts. That’s when I came across this TED talk by Shawn Achor:

While on my lunch break today I came across this video from SoulPancake that brought me back to that time when I overcame so much by doing what seemed to be so little:

So just in case any of you have a “case of the Mondays”, I thought this would be an appropriate topic to help you reconcile what’s left of your day with some positive thoughts! So what are you waiting for? Be happy and be successful!

My Business Card

Hey All,

This is my first run at creating a new business card. I’d love your feedback on this design.



Thinking about designing your own business card? Check out these for some more inspiration:

Business Card Inspiration 1
Business Card Inspiration 2
Business Card Inspiration 3

How Not To Treat Your Customers (And Why)

Most of us have experienced a time where a company treated us poorly enough that they lost what would have been a valued customer. My cousin recently ran into this problem with 24 Hour Fitness (@24hourfitness). It gives a perfect example of how losing one customer due to bad customer relations results in a ripple effect and damages your company. I’ve placed red arrows beside the comments that show significant reactions because of my cousin’s initial post on Facebook.

How bad customer service affects your business

Names and images have been censored to preserve identities.

What experiences have you had similar to this?