This is How I Daily Blog

– #3 –

Keeping up on a daily blog is a scary thing. For me, it’s like being assigned to volunteer at a old folks home with no hopes of there being any sweet grandmas ready to give you all sorts of candy treats. So how in the world am I going to stay on top of blogging something everyday that is interesting enough for anyone to want to read?

After considering some options, I felt like having some structure in my week would help me stay focused and keep the content engaging. That’s where my following weekly schedule is going to come in handy. It shows the topic I plan to post about each day of the week.

Blog Topics for each day of the week:
Monday –         Quote
Tuesday –         Public Relations
Wednesday –   Photo
Thursday –       Leadership
Friday –            Original
Saturday –        Social Media
Sunday –          Spiritual

I hope everyone enjoys what I have to share!


I guess it’s about time that I put something up here. Well, this won’t be a very impressive start, but at least there are words put down here. Soon I will be posting new content at the speed of smell.

Until then, enjoy this gem of a picture snagged by one of my friends:

Attack of the…. Butterfly?
Scared of the ButterflyWho gets scared of a butterfly?! It’s a butterfly for crying out loud. But I guess it does look pretty vicious… and it did threaten to land on you if you got any closer to it. Guess you deserved it!