Glee, Twitter, and the Future of Television

Transmedia storytelling is the method of conveying a narrative across multiple media platforms simultaneously and harmoniously. This technique was pioneered in the 70’s and 80’s, but increased as the internet became more mainstream (Wikipedia). A modern example of this is the television series Glee. The programming encourages it’s viewers to participate with the show through social media. Mobile games have even been created for further engagement in various series.

I have experienced some of this growing transmedia storytelling trend. Whenever Manchester United, my favorite English soccer team, has a match I am unable to view through a live broadcast I can follow the game’s “hashtag” on Twitter. This allows me to see what people are saying about the most recent action along with photos and videos others post.

This sort of viewer engagement encourages loyalty and involvement in the “live” action of the programming. As a broadcaster, this strategy would be a no-brainer.

A Secret to Success, Be Happy

A couple years ago I was at a desperately low period of life. I wanted to get out of my rut and start being better. I wanted to feel successful. As I often do, I turned to some of my regular social media outlets for uplifting and inspiring thoughts. That’s when I came across this TED talk by Shawn Achor:

While on my lunch break today I came across this video from SoulPancake that brought me back to that time when I overcame so much by doing what seemed to be so little:

So just in case any of you have a “case of the Mondays”, I thought this would be an appropriate topic to help you reconcile what’s left of your day with some positive thoughts! So what are you waiting for? Be happy and be successful!

Getting More Out Of Education

Everyone can study through any sort of text and learn the principles it is trying to teach. But how many of us can read through a text book just once and then go out and apply in real life what we’ve attempted to learn? I’d argue that you’d be hard pressed to find people who are that good at translating textbook materials into real life practices without serious direction.

What if you were given that focus before you began reading? What implication does that make? My thought is that you’d gain a more practical application to the material you’re attempting to learn. You’ll find greater depth of understanding through creating immediate application with the material as you read.

Free eBook | Four Steps to Creating Content for a Social Media Community

An example of this is when I was reading through a free eBook (Four Steps to Creating Content for a Social Media Community) offered by Radian6. The eBook gives great advice about creating and managing a longterm social media strategy for your organization. As I read, I discovered that I was more engaged in the reading as I applied what I was learning to my own social media community. The principles of each section became firmly planted in my mind.

I believe the more you allow yourself to engage in your studies, whatever they may be, you’ll find great understanding and success as you immerse yourself in immediate application.

What strategies have you learned that improve you mastery of a subject?