Family Photos [PICTURES]

– #32 –

I recently had to complete an assignment in an interpersonal communication class that involved finding tons of photos of me doing some of my favorite things with some of my favorite people. Here were the results:

From left to right, this is a picture of me, my brother Kevin and our cousin Becky sitting on a couch at my house. This is classic me! I was apparently really trying to show my brother some love by squeezing his hand as tightly as I could.

From left to right, this is a picture of me and my friends, Brittany, Megan, Heidi and Rob at a 3-v-3 soccer tournament in St. George. The tournament was a part of the Utah summer games. I lived for soccer when I was growing up. It was a part of every day. I suppose the main reason I love soccer is because of my dad. He grew up in England playing soccer everyday and he taught us how to play and to love the game. We won the tourney, by the way.

From left to right, this is a picture me, my brothers, Kevin and Brian, and our Mom. This was part of a family photo shoot that we did for Christmas of 2009.

This is a picture of me at a Chili’s restaurant. I love their chips and salsa. This particular restaurant visit was with some friends in New Jersey. We drove about 30 minutes out of town at 10 p.m. just to go to this Chili’s because we just wanted to hang out and eat Chili’s chips and salsa.

From left to right, this is a picture of a girl with curly brown hair, me, an investigator and a mission companion, Elder Austin Call. This is a picture that depicts an amazing time of my life. It was when I was a missionary. I chose it for who I am because I am a Mormon. I joined the Church just a few months before turning 20. A year later I went on this mission to New Jersey for two years. This picture was right about at the end of the mission when a member bought tickets for us and a couple of our investigators to go watch a Galaxy game at Giants stadium.

This is a picture of my dad and me walking in the rain when I was about 4 or 5 maybe. This is one of my absolute favorite pictures. He took time out to just walk with me in the rain. I love it

This is a picture of me at the school that was taken just a couple of months ago for a promotional piece with the Student Legacy Endowment. This picture really encapsulates where I have come from as a child not raised in the Church, to now being a member and a husband sealed to his wife in the Temple, to a student at the university.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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Piano Man
Photo by: Sean Reay; taken in downtown Santa Cruz, CA; 2010

Wherever you are, practice.

Becoming something great isn’t an overnight process or something that you only have to try at every once and a while. It takes great determination and dedication to what you are trying to become. It takes constant practice.