So you want to learn a little more about who I am?

My name is Sean Reay. Mom and Dad named me after John Lennon’s son and Sean Connery (one of the greatest Bonds that ever were). I think they were right to do so. They brought me into this world on January 16th, in Southern California. The oldest of 3 boys, I became a bit of a rebellious child. That would set the tone for my short existence up to this point.

So, to get you up to speed with where this world has taken me thus far, I’ll try and give you the Reader’s Digest version of my life.

I have a wonderfully supportive wife, beautiful baby girl and an awesome job. I’m a vlogger and avid iPhone photographer (I have a minor obsession with instagram). And I’m a dedicated edupunk with an insatiable curiosity.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, the “Sean” in Sean Connery was an influence on your name… as was the name of John Lennon’s second child: “Sean” Lennon – probably more so in my eyes. I wanted you to have a name that wasn’t too long to write, e.g., “Christopher”, but one that had an Irish ring to it; one which made me think of blustery cold winds, green grass, and an island that stands alone.

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