How Not To Treat Your Customers (And Why)

Most of us have experienced a time where a company treated us poorly enough that they lost what would have been a valued customer. My cousin recently ran into this problem with 24 Hour Fitness (@24hourfitness). It gives a perfect example of how losing one customer due to bad customer relations results in a ripple effect and damages your company. I’ve placed red arrows beside the comments that show significant reactions because of my cousin’s initial post on Facebook.

How bad customer service affects your business

Names and images have been censored to preserve identities.

What experiences have you had similar to this?

2 thoughts on “How Not To Treat Your Customers (And Why)

  1. I completely agree, this is a horrible example of how to treat customers! However, I have worked for a corporation for over 6 years, and I understand that from a workers point-of-view, there are rules set by the corporation that cannot be altered for one customer. Their rationale is probably “he signed the agreement in the beginning, and this was a rule already laid out for him.” Super sucky, but that’s how huge corporations work!

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