Balance, Design, And Passion

– #6 –

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the first Friday of the new year to get here! Today is the chance for me to write an “original” post. What that really means is that I get to share one of the subjects that has recently invaded my mind. That was my initial intent with the creation of this blog. Unfortunately, without structure in my blogging I failed to stay current in posting fresh content.

Balance and design have been preeminently on my mind in recent months. Now I don’t claim to be a designer, graphically or otherwise. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy browsing several websites that regularly share spectacular graphic and inspirational content. A couple of those sites are and

I also follow several Twitter feeds that usually post links to similar web content. One of those leads brought me to Teir10Lab where a brief video and interview with Tier10 Marketing Creative Director Scott Rodgers was posted. Rodgers shared insights in regard to what is most important to his creative thought process. One of the principles that screamed out to me was balance.

Rodgers explained:

“It has to be balanced… and work. Things that are not visually balanced trigger something in me I can’t really explain.”

When I walk or drive anywhere now, designs pop out to me from everywhere. The way that billboard advertisement appeals to me, the color scheme used in that poster to catch my attention, and even the angle of the diagonal lines running through the crosswalk. I wonder why the designer used that font or how I would create a different feel with that project.

That leads me to the other principle that predominated Rodgers’ interview. Passion. In everything that Rodgers spoke about during the interview, you could sense the overwhelming passion he has for his career. After fifteen years of designing, he never gets tired of it. He loves what he is a part of.

It’s important to our short existence that we find passion in what we do. Rodgers didn’t mention that he had loved design from his youth. He said that his mind had to become trained to see the world the way he does.

What do you see in your daily life that others might miss? Is there something your mind always latches onto when you see it?


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